Alberto Fuertes

  • Madrid Fly´s General Director
  • One of the world´s best flyers and skydivers ever
  • Tunnel Instructor Chief Examiner
  • Champion in Skydiving
  • The best boss :)

Biography/Coaching Philosophy

I have been working in the skydiving industry since 1999, have over 3000 jumps and I am a rated AFF instructor, tandem master and freefly coach.

Since January 2006, I have been working full time as a tunnel instructor & coach, and as a Chief Examiner training the staff of various wind tunnels across Europe.

I can coach all disciplines on all levels, but in my heart I am a dynamic flyer and I believe that being able to perform all basic dynamic moves, starting on low wind speeds, gives people the essentials to become great at any discipline they want to focus on over time. So if my students don’t insist on specifics, I will take them through a dynamic learning process. I love to engage people while they fly to a point they don’t even realize they are performing new moves they didn’t think they were “ready” for. Flying is fun, seeing people fly with a smile is the best thing ever.

Ratings & Qualifications

Tunnel Chief Examiner


World Cup Champion Freefly (Czech Republic, 2009)
British National Freefly and VFS Champion (UK, 2009)
World Games Bronze Medalist (Taiwan, 2009)
Bedford World Challenge Silver Medalist (UK, 2009/10)
Battle of Bottrop Silver Medalist (Germany, 2012)

Facebook: Alberto Fuertes

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