Tunnel Instructor Courses

Madrid Fly regularly hosts instructor courses with certification by the Tunnel Instructor Organization.

This renowned organization’s procedures guarantee that best practice is followed and the highest safety standards are met.

Spotter A course


For all of you interested into becoming a Tunnel Instructor, here is some information for you before you get right into it. If the text below doesn’t answer your questions, please don’t hasitate and ask us. We will do our best to help you to make your dreams come true.


To become an officially rated tunnel instructor in vertical wind tunnel from Tunnel Instructor organization, you have to participate and complete all the required standards of the instructor course lead by a wind tunnel instructor examiner. All the requirements, as well with the course guideline and study material can be found on the official Tunnelinstructor.org web page.


The course is designed to fully prepare you for a work in the wind tunnels as an instructor. We will teach you all the techniques out there, give you the set of skills and tools to be able safely provide a flying experience for anyone that would want to fly and have a taste of this amazing sport.

The price of the course is 800 euros per hour and is 2-3 weeks long. It involves 10-15 tunnel hours separated into more days (1 hour or 1,5 hours per day). This can vary depending on your previous abilities in the tunnel and your physical fitness.


For further information feel free to contact our resident Tunnel Instructor examiners:


Jonas Krasa - johny.beautiful@gmail.com

Vojta Fikar (Zohan) – flyzohan@gmail.com

Tunnel Instructor Coursebook