About Madrid Fly (Company)


In 2009 Alberto Fuertes, the Managing Director of Madrid Fly won the skydiving World Champion competition. That same year he had the idea of building the largest wind tunnel of Europe in Madrid, the capital of Spain. 

In 2010, after visiting and/or collaborating with all the European wind tunnels, Alberto got in touch with KeelWit Technology, who where (and still are) the best team of Spanish engineers that could bring to life the daunting plans that Alberto had in mind for the best European wind tunnel

KeelWit brought the engineering knowledge, which combined wiht the experience of Isaac Prada y Nogueira acquire at Renault Fórmula 1 and Airbus, made the dream possible. 

In 2011, Alberto associated with Jerónimo Rosa, CEO of EYDISA. This company quickly supported and became the largest stakeholder of this ambitious project. Jerónimo´s 32 year experience in the construction industry coupled with the companie´s willingness to expand towards a new market. This combination of interests where the catalysts of the creation of Madrid Fly. 

Finally, in April 2011 Madrid Fly was officially established as a company and intensive research and development began.

Thanks to the following three factors, Madrid Fly boasts one of the best wind tunnels in the world:

  • The deep understanding of aerodynamics, energy efficiency and heat transfer mechanics provided by Keelwit engineering team.
  • The contribution of more than 30 years of experience in the construction bussiness of EYDISA.
  • The support of minority investors who make a great effort to make the dream of Madrid Fly possible.

“Life might not always be perfect, but we want to give you at least one perfect day”

Did you believe you would ever experience human flight? Our mission is to spread the power of optimism together with a “can-do” attitude. We want to empower people to meet the world with an eye towards solutions, progression and growth.

But of course, we also just want you to have a lot of fun, putting a smile on your face and creating unforgettable experiences that will last you a lifetime.

Madrid Fly is made for you. 

Our Vision is to see the smile of every single person in Madrid in our wind tunnel and to provide excellent training grounds for flyers worldwide.

Trustworthy, innovative, motivating and full of life.

Madrid Fly's top priorities are safety and customer service, while inspiring moments of happiness.

Whether you are an experienced skydiver who wants to improve his skills or someone who just wants to taste the exceptional feeling of human flight, you will find your dreams come true and your needs attended in the best ways possible, in one of the biggest and safest facilities of its kind.

Do you think that Madrid Fly is the largest wind tunnel in Europe just because of its size?

We believe that we have a responsibility to our environment and society, both the company and the people who are proud members of this family. For this reason, we developed a Corporate Social Responsibility program whose mission is to offer and allow the Madrid Fly experience to be experienced by those groups or people who can´t do so due to economic or mobility reasons.

We have the vision of being the Wind Tunnel of reference at European level in social matters and to get to achieve it our function is to transmit and put into everything we do our values: Passion, Implication and Commitment.

For this, Madrid Fly and its technical team dedicate a great effort, in solidarity, to carry out sponsored actions that can fulfill our objective.

Everyone has the right to fulfill a dream: FLY.

That is why Madrid Fly is the largest wind tunnel in Europe.