Our Tunnel Instructors

Ze Miguel Abreu -Chief Instructor
Luis Cubillo
Vicente Sanseroni
Szabolcs Domján (Sobi)

Jose Ángel Nofuentes
Massimiliano Porra
Santiago de Andres
Matthias Walde
Carlos Guzmán
Sergio Martinez
Angel Zamora

Madrid Fly is proud to have all its tunnel instructors certified by Tunnel (TI)

This means that all of our flying staff members are required to hold a certificate issued by Tunnel in order to work at Madrid Fly. This certificate guarantees that they have the best practices in training and safety methods for tunnel instructors.

Admin Staff

Jerónimo Rosa - President

Alberto Fuertes - General Manager

Marino Kalligas - General Manager

Quique de la Higuera - Legal Dept Director

Marco Nájera - Operations Manager

Inés Pedrera - Administration

Cristina López - Pro Flyer and Reception Management

Julio Reyes: Marketing Manager

Pilar Vicente - Reception and Event Manager

Irene Garde - Reception

Laura Paraiso - Reception